Newbery Challenge: Bridge To Terabithia

Books like Bridge To Terabithia make the Newbery Challenge worth completing. I can’t wait to see what Mr. Schu has to say about this classic: Watch.Connect.Read.


5 thoughts on “Newbery Challenge: Bridge To Terabithia

  1. I made it to the end! ๐Ÿ™‚ I LOVE Bridge To Terabithia – it has one of my favorite endings of all time (my other favorite ending is Charlotte’s Web). It makes me cry just to think about it. I didn’t know Mr. Schu was going to be on the Newbery committee. How amazing. I’m excited about 2013, but I also think your mood might be the same mood that a lot of us teachers feel at the end of break. Even though we’re excited to go back, it’s overwhelming at the same time, and I’ll miss waking up late and reading right away with a cup of coffee. However, I’ll also be glad to see those shining faces and the eagerness to read along with me!


  2. Yesterday I was in a well known national chain bookstore looking for new books to read. I overheard some girls chatting about this book, which I love. It went something like this…You should read Bridge to Terabithia…it is a good book. It’s sad though, the girl dies. What do you mean the girl dies? The other girls proceed to tell her the whole story. The girl decides to not pick up the book but says she really wants to see the movie. The teacher in me so wanted to intervene. I worry that our kids feel they know the books just because they watch the movie. We read aloud the Wizard of Oz in class and very few had ever heard the original story. Then I showed them the movie and the kids were so surprised to see all the differences and what they had missed.


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