Happy Book Birthday, Navigating Early!

It is very possible that a 2014 Newbery books is released today.

You must read Navigating Early and you must read it now. I don’t mean to be pushy, but this is a book that you want to read sooner rather than later. Jack and Early are two characters that you may never forget. I refuse to tell you anything more about the book. You must discover this book and these characters on your own.

Navigating Early

I encourage you to read Navigating Early before you read reviews about the book. Read it before all the Newbery hype takes over. Read it before the big reviewers share their insights. Read it before The Heavy Medal get their mean hands on it.

 I am so thankful that I read The Mighty Miss Malone last year before people started throwing it under the bus. READ NAVIGATING EARLY this week. Please?




9 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday, Navigating Early!

  1. I just checked our libraries. We do have the book, but it’s not available for loan yet. Same author as Moon Over Manifest right (which I loved by the way). Ok, you got one person convinced. I’d be sure to be the first one to check this one out once it’s available in our libraries.


  2. My library has it on order but it hasn’t arrived yet. The good news is I’m 2nd on the hold list so I’ll be getting as soon as it’s available. I’ve been looking forward to reading this book since I heard about it. Glad to hear you loved it.


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