Pre-Newbery Musing

As librarians from all over the country gather this weekend in Seattle for the American Library Association Mid-Winter Conference I can’t help but think to myself, golly gee I hope The One and Only Ivan wins the Newbery Medal. If it doesn’t win, I’ll be sad. If it doesn’t win or honor, I will be mad.

I keep telling myself to keep things in perspective and think about what is important this weekend. When I think about things that way I feel a lot less stressed about Ivan and the Newbery. Instead, I think about 1000s of librarians talking about books. I start to think about the passionate educators honing their craft and doing whatever it takes to find that perfect book for each and every child that walks through the doors of their library.

I feel much better now.

I’ll leave you with a couple of videos that you might find fun or silly as we head into a weekend celebrating librarians.

I’m super excited that the 2014 Newbery Committee is haning out for the first time. My kids made a video for them last school year.


4 thoughts on “Pre-Newbery Musing

  1. Agreed, although I’m also pulling for Palacio’s Wonder. Either one will be fine with me. My class read both of these this year, the former as part of the Global Read Aloud. Today we started a writing project involving Newbery. Ultimately they will craft an argument for or against a current winner or honor book (or a boom that wasn’t nominated). They will have a variety of authentic audience from which to choose. Here’s how they got their feet wet today.


  2. Yes!!! Another teacher who LOVES kid-lit enough to make a video like this!!! So great!!! Love the video and all the books you danced around! Keep up your enthusiasm….it’s contagious!


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