Newbery Challenge: Jacob Have I Loved

I hope Mr. Schu is having fun being a Book Star at ALA Mid-Winter. Be sure to check out his latest Newbery video on his blog: Watch.Connect.Read.


Thank goodness for the one take rule. Making this video was exhausting.


9 thoughts on “Newbery Challenge: Jacob Have I Loved

  1. I love your passion for The One and Only Ivan. Isn’t that the dream of any author to have created, and a book lover to have found, a book that inspires so much passion?

    I have to admit, I’ve delayed reading this book ’cause animal books usually break my heart. There is seldom one that doesn’t end in heartbreak. However, it has moved up on my list. Now I have to read it before March 12th when The Battle of the Kids’ Books begins.

    Good luck to the authors of all the great books written in 2012. It was an awesome year for kids books – picture books, chapter books, middle grade, and YA. I don’t envy the committees in having to make their selections.


  2. Your video is touching. Than you for sharing your thoughts on Ivan. After reading it last summer I knew I needed to read it to my second graders. We participated in the global read aloud in October and it was a wonderful experience. My students adored the book and had wonderful conversations and they were mesmerized with the Katherine Applegate interview. As I write this comment I have tears in my eyes remembering the 2 little boys in my class sobbing when they realized that Stella had died. They had no problem believing that Ivan could carry out his complex plan. And what second grader wouldn’t giggle at a “me ball”.


  3. Thank you for sharing! I loved this book! We selected it as one of our Mock Newbery reads after I saw the posts about it from you and Mr. Shu. The gracious Katherine Applegate took time to skype with our Book Club and they were thrilled to ask her questions. I am new to twitter this year after meeting and presenting with the wonderful Kate Messner at IRA in April I was inspired to join the world of twitter. I have learned so much from watching the chatter of teachers, librarians, authors, and publishers.


  4. Here’s what I know. Certain books do get a Newbery medal and they get read for exactly that reason – because they are believed to be top notch books and medal worthy. Sometimes, they don’t get read much because there isn’t a lot of buzz. There is none of that “you must read” passion behind a heartfelt recommendation as the book is discussed. Other books are loved and the book love must be shared. When we come across those books, it doesn’t matter which medals grace their covers, because the reading of them, the sharing of them, the talking about them, that’s what matters. Those books, the loved ones, they have memories that float up from between the pages. they are the books we cradle, the ones we swoon over, the ones we share again and again. I have watched many of your Newbery Challenge videos over the past year. What strikes me is how quickly some books are passed aside so you can jump in to begin sharing a title you love. It is that book passion that is contagious. It is not medal driven – it is character driven, plot driven, story driven. It is what struck you and how excited you are to share it. I will never forget Ivan. Partly because of my own experience reading it. Partly because of what I saw when my student book club read it – the way it was treasured and shared. And partly because of the love the online community of booklovers I respect showed it. It will be a book I read again whether it gets a medal or not. If you were on that Newbery committee, I smile to think at how passionately you would argue for this title to be a winner. But what happens on that committee is behind closed doors. You have shouted Ivan from the rooftops and it has been heard. Katherine Applegate’s The One and Only Ivan has awarded all of us. It gave us tenderness, honesty and love. That’s what you will see every time you look at that book, no matter what adorns its cover. Thank you for the way you love this book. It makes me smile every time I think of it. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.


  5. Thinking of you as I listen to the live webcast. My students had a day off and I am SO bummed they didn’t get to hear the announcement live. We LOVED The One and Only Ivan! I can’t wait to tell them tomorrow and am so excited that your day has been made a bit more awesome!


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