I Haiku You By: Betsy Snyder

I am very excited to be celebrating I Haiku You today with Mr. Johnny Schu and Nerdy Book Club. Be sure to check out Mr. Schu’s interview and Betsy’s guest post on Nerdy.



This is my sixth year teaching fourth grade. I have come to understand a few thing about fourth graders. The following is a list of things that every single fourth grade class I have taught has loved:

1. Picture Books

2. Being read aloud to

3. Anne Frank

4. Discussing segregation

5. Quick writes

6. Choosing their own reading material

7. Haiku poetry

8. Holiday parties

Betsy Snyder’s I Haiku You fills numbers 1,2,7, and 8 on my list perfectly. Betsy’s poems about affection and appreciation, coupled with her beautiful illustrations, make I Haiku You a must for any elementary classroom.


What I love the most about I Haiku You is that everyone that I have shared it with loves it. EVERYONE. My 2,4, and 6-year-old love it, my fourth graders love it, and even my wife thinks it is awesome. I have a lot of books lying around the house, and usually by wife does her best to ignore them, but I Haiku You was a book that she couldn’t resist. She picked it up off the microwave (I know. Not a great place for a book.) and read it with a smile on her face.

Whether your Valentine is a toddler, an elementary aged kid, or your spouse I Haiku You is the perfect book to share with them this Valentine’s Day.



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