My Student Teacher Read Me Hatchet

I am super excited to be participating in LitWorld’s World Read Aloud Day Blogger Challenge. Click on the image below for more details.


I believe that reading aloud can cause a child to go from being someone who reads to a reader. I’m pretty sure that all kinds of research out there can back this up, but today I will focus on my own experience.

When I was in fourth grade we had a student teacher. He was a larger than life figure that all my classmates thought was a total rock star. The boys couldn’t believe that we had a college baseball player as a teacher, and the girls…well the girls like the way he looked.

The two things that I remember most about our student teachers were that he dunked a basketball during recess and he read us Hatchet. I have never dunked a basketball, but I have recommended Hatchet to a whole lot of readers over the years.

I can still remember sitting in our fourth grade class when Brian’s plane went down, and I remember discussing Brian’s mad survival skills. I can remember days when the lessons our teacher had planned took a back seat because the class was to absorbed in Hatchet to move on to our next task.

I am thankful that my fourth grade student teacher read me Hatchet. Without that read aloud experience I’m not sure that I would be the teacher that I am today.


2 thoughts on “My Student Teacher Read Me Hatchet

  1. As a student I hated being forced to read Hatchet….or any other outdoor boy adventure type book. When I was student teaching…..what was the boys’ favorite book? Hatchet! So I love the book for it’s addictive qualities for a giant group of boy readers…who then go on to read the rest of the series. (And the girls too!) But I will remain in my love of fantasy….historical….realistic or any other genre of book.


  2. Love this post! And I’m a big fan of Hatchet . . . and Paulsen’s other bazillion books.

    Thanks for sharing your love of reading with so many young people. I’m glad that student teacher landed in your classroom. If only he could know the ripples he created . . .


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