International Book Giving Day: Blog Hop

A week ago today my students and I had the best time celebrating International Book Giving Day. The smiles on the faces of my students when the exchanged books with each other was priceless.

If you got a chance to celebrate International Book Giving Day please link your blog post below, or leave a comment. I can’t wait to hear how you celebrated the big day.

For more information on International Book Giving Day click on the image below.

Check out how my class celebrated the big day by clicking on the image below.



One thought on “International Book Giving Day: Blog Hop

  1. Once I read your post at the International Book Giving Day site, I immediately passed the information on to my fifth grade teachers (and my principal). One decided to participate. I went to her room after school on February 14th and she nearly broke my ribs she was so thrilled with how it went. She said some of her children brought their books in to wrap that day, hiding in corners to accomplish the task. When the time came she would read out a number and then a student would stand up and deliver the book to the other student. The students asked if they could do it one at a time, looking at each other’s new books. Before each book was delivered the students started doing drum rolls on their desks. Everyone cheered everyone else on and exclaimed over their new treasures. They could all (and I mean all) not wait to get home and start reading their new books. It was a three day weekend. When they came back on Tuesday they wanted to talk about the books they had read or were reading. I am bursting with joy at the success of this project. I am going to shout about it from the rooftops. Thank you, thank you.


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