My Book Gap Challenge


A couple of months ago Donalyn Miller wrote a post for Nerdy Book Club about Book Gaps. I have really enjoyed reading about the various book gaps my Nerdy Book Club friends are trying to close in their reading. I have struggled to commit to a personal book gap challenge, but I think that I’ve figured out the area of my reading that I would like to do some more reading: professional books.

I read some professional books, but I feel that if I am to take my teaching to the level that I would like to, I need to make sure that reading books about teaching is something that make part of my daily reading life.

Each morning I spend 15-20 minutes reading after I get ready for school and before I get my kids up and ready. I have decided that this would be a good time to do some professional reading. It will get my mind ready for school, and I feel good about having done it all day long.

The following is a list of five books that I would like to read in the coming months.

Energize Research Reading and Writing: Fresh Strategies to Spark Interest, Develop Independence, and Meet Key Common Core Standards, Grades 4-8

Strategies That Work: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding and Engagement

The Read-Aloud Handbook

Fresh Takes on Teaching Literary Elements: How to Teach What Really Matters About Character, Setting, Point of View, and Theme

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10 thoughts on “My Book Gap Challenge

  1. Great list! You’re wise to schedule a specific time for professional reading. I’d never get to it if I didn’t. Notice & Note is on my list, but right now I’m revisiting The Writing Workshop by Katie Wood Ray and Lester Laminack.

  2. Allison Jackson

    The first 4 are on my list, too. Haven’t heard of the 5th. Looking forward to your thoughts about all of the books.
    Until this year, I read more PD than kid lit, sort of the opposite of you. I think a balance of the two is the best approach, but now I feel that keeping current on children’s lit is one of the best pd activities you can do.

  3. I love that idea to read a profecssional book for 15 minutes each morning! It’s a book gap of mine, also (mostlly because I read so many blogs by teachers!) and that’s a great idea to compartmentalize that time and focus! Thanks for the tip!

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