A Snapshot of My Reading Life

I love reading all the wonderful posts by people participating in the World Read Aloud Day Blog Tour.

This weeks prompt:

Post a photo that gives readers a glimpse into your reading life. This could be your favorite place to read, your bookshelf, your library, a classroom, a book from childhood that you still re-read today, your favorite person to read with. Anything that brings joy to your reading life will work! Below the photo share a short narrative explaining why this picture is meaningful to you.


The picture above is of the night stand in the room my four and two year old daughter share. They are the best of friends, and they bring me a tremendous amount of joy each and every day. The only thing my girls like about bedtime is getting to pick which stories we are going to read, and laying in bed while I read them some books.


This is the chair I sit in while I read to them:)


5 thoughts on “A Snapshot of My Reading Life

  1. I am looking forward to meeting you in San Antonio! I am on the IRA Teacher’s advisory panel   Marjie Podzielinski

    Librarian-Coulson Tough School 11660 Crane Brook Drive The Woodlands, TX 77382

    832.656.7300 CELL



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