TRIFECTA-Flora and The Flamingo


I am a big wordless picture book fan. With my good friend Mr. Johnny Schu(bery) serving on the 2014 Newbery Committee I like wordless picture books even more. I can’t really talk with John this year about most books, but when we read Flora and the Flamingo all of our pent up book sharing love was released. If I remember correctly John and I have talked about Flora and the Flamingo via: text messages, email, tweets, and direct messages on Twitter. I love Flora and the Flamingo for many reason, but the fact that it let me talk books with my good pal has made this book one of my favorite books of 2013.


Another reason why I love Flora and the Flamingo is because it is a “surgery book”. I’ve never called a book a “surgery book” before (work with me), but I’m thinking a surgery book is a book that kids love so much that you have to perform surgery on it in order for them to be able to continue to read it.


I wish I had a sweet story to tell about how my kids read and read Flora and the Flamingo and that caused me to have to perform surgery to mend the worn pages. Unfortunately,  I had to use a bunch of tape of Flora and the Flamingo because the book caused a fight between my 2 and 4 year old. You see, after reading our nightly books, my daughters take getting to pick first which book they get to sleep with. This process works well. We went through a spell where things didn’t go so well, but that is a different blog post. The night we got Flora we read it over and over again. It was one of the books my girls selected for bedtime reading, and it was of course the first pick when my 4 year old daughter got to select which book she wanted to sleep with. After giving my girls their nightly tuck in routine: hug, kiss, pound, high five, forehead kiss I went downstairs and began reading my own book.


Minutes later I heard screaming. I rushed up to their room and saw them both laying on the floor crying, my 2 year old holding one of the Flora flaps in her hand, and my 4 year hold clutching the damaged book to her chest. Apparently after heading downstairs, my 2 year old snuck out of bed and tried to snatch Flora out of the hands her big sister. A tussle ensued, tears were shed, and book surgery was performed.


I hope you and the readers in your life can enjoy Flora and the Flamingo as much as I have.


To check out Molly’s interview with Mr. Schu click on her head shot.


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