A Very Nice Afternoon

I was teaching my little heart out this afternoon in a reading conference during independent reading today, when I looked up and scanned the classroom. What I saw brought me to tears.

I saw a couple of kids sitting under a table, a handful laying in various positions on the carpet, a kid sitting in my chair, two kids sitting back to back leaning on each other, and the rest of the class sitting at their seats. As I scanned the room a second time I looked at the books in their hands: Hatchet, Charlie Bone, Darth Paper, Wonder, Brian’s Winter, Princess For Hire (this girl did an actual fist pump because of something that was happening in her book) , Amulet, Bone, Latasha and the Little Red Tornado, The Big Fat Cow that Went Kapow.

What I didn’t see was kids sharpening their pencils, getting a third drink of water, throwing things away, or organizing their pencil box.

Things are far from perfect in my little classroom at the end of the hall. We have a long ways to go and probably not enough days to get there. I wish everyone was reading above grade level, heck, I wish they were all reading at grade level. Although we have our issues and we are not perfect, today was perfect. I got to sit with a classroom full of readers. We spend the day reading, writing and talking about reading and writing.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “A Very Nice Afternoon

  1. Great post, Colby! At a time of year when we are all getting buried in data, you remind me that spending our days reading, writing, and talking is what really matters. Thank you!


  2. Thank you so much for this, Colby! I often find myself wondering if this will happen in my room this year. I think it will one of these days. I am going to share this post so I can remember that it cant happen!


  3. Those moments make all the not-so-wonderful moments worth it. Reminds me of the day I rearranged my entire lesson so that a reluctant reader could finish his book which he then rated a 2000 when asked to give it a 1-10 rating. Thank you for sharing this. We are in the middle of state testing, and I needed the reminder.


  4. Fist pump!

    Your post reminded me of independent reading time the other day, when a girl in class just started waving her book around saying, “Freak out! Freak out! Freak out!” She was at an “emotional part,” she said.


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