IRA Humor Panel: Laurie Keller

Laurie Keller is the currently the most popular author in Sharpville. My daughters have fallen hard for Birdy’s Smile Book and my son is probably the world’s biggest fan of The Scrambled States of America. We all love Arnie the Doughnut.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read and share Laurie’s books with the young readers in your life, I hope that your rush to your local INDIE and check them out.

This Saturday I’m moderating a panel on humor writer at IRA. I can’t wait to pick Laurie’s brain. Below are some of the resources that I’ve come across while studying Laurie.


My son would watch these two videos a million times if I would let him.

Laurie talks about The Scrambled States of America. Loved Laurie’s insight in this one. A MUST watch.

Laurie’s website is filled with tons of awesomeness. 

Check out:

Books she has written

Fun & Games

School Stuff

I want to buy this Scrambled States of America video.


Check out Laurie’s visit to Travis Jonker’s library.


My daughters love Birdy’s Smile Book.

Teaching manners is fun with this book.


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