Astronaut Academy Day!


Last week Jerzy Drozd told me about Astronaut Academy Day! (May 14th). I told my students in comic book club about it last Wednesday and they got super excited. My comic loving students are huge fans of Dave’s work in Astronaut Academy. They decided that we should spend our comic book club meeting on May 8th celebrating Dave’s work. I can’t wait. I’ll be sharing pictures, on Twitter, using the hashtag #astronautacademyday on May 14th. 


If you ever get a chance to listen to Dave speak I highly recommend that you check out what he has to say. I’m not sure that I have ever met anyone that cares as deeply about kids having the opportunity to read and create comics/graphic novels as much as Dave does.


I hope that you’ll share Astronaut Academy Day with your young readers. For me the day is about much more than celebrating Dave’s new book. Astronaut Academy Day is about celebrating a man that cares deeply about the young readers that inhabit our classrooms and libraries.

Join me in celebrating Astronaut Academy Day May 14th using the hashtag #astronautacademyday!

For more info click on the banner below.






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