Blog Tour: Hug a Bull & I Love Ewe

As a kid, I was always fascinated with the names of male, female, and baby animals. I thought it was so cool that a baby goat was called a kid and a female fox a vixen. Whenever I found out the term of what to call a different baby, male, or female animal I always felt sort of proud. A little bit like I discovered a secret.

A couple of years ago when I found Aaron Zenz’s book Chuckling Duckling at a bookshop I had to purchase it immediately. This warm picture book is like a dictionary of what to call different baby animals. My son, who was 3 at the time, was mesmerized. We read Chuckling Ducklings over and over and over again.


I am very excited to now be able to share Aaron’s new books Hug a Bull and I Love Ewe with my children. During bedtime the last couple of weeks my children and I have been learning the names of different animal moms and dads. It has been great fun. I had no idea that a father mouse is called a buck. Who knew?


If you’re looking for a some warm and inviting picture books that are going to educate the young readers in your life on some very cool topics, I hope that you’ll check out Aaron’s books.


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