Happy Mother’s Day!: My Mom is the Best Circus

I’d like to start by wishing every mother out there a Happy Mother’s Day. I am blessed to have been raised by my awesome lunch lady mom. I have no idea how she put up with my picky eating, my messy room, or my obsession with ESPN. She is a saint.

They say that lightening doesn’t ever strike twice in the same place, but I was struck with mom awesomeness twice. After growing up with an amazing mom, I am now married to a perfect mom. My children are so lucky to have a mom that loves them for who they are, and a woman who takes such great care of them. My wife is the bomb.


I think of my wife every time I read Luciana Navarro Powell’s  My Mom is the Best Circus. Sometimes I even start to think that my wife looks a little bit like the mother in this beautiful board book. On a day that it is all about the moms in our lives, I think this book is a perfect book to celebrate.

My favorite pages in My Moms is the Best Circus is the two page spread that shows the mother being both a magician and a clown. One thing that I love so much about my wife and my mother is that they know how to give their kids whatever it is they need in each specific situation.

If you are looking for a great book to read and reread, I recommend that you check out My Mom is the Best Circus. It is a book that is worth celebrating all year-long (just like the moms in our lives).

I received this book from Random House in exchange for an honest review.


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