Every Day After By Laura Golden

 Every Day After

I was very lucky to receive an advanced copy of Laura Golden’s Every Day After in January. I was immediately drawn in by the cover. The name in the middle of the cover was a mystery to me, so I of course went to Google and typed in: L-a-u-r-a G-o-l-d-a-n (Is that yo you show typing?). Google very kindly let me know that I did not spell Laura’s last name correctly. Thanks, Google…

After learning what I could about Laura I sat down and burned through her novel.

It did not take me long to realize that Every Day After was a special book. I love historical fiction. Jennifer Holm and Kirby Larson are idols of mine, and I’m always looking for the next great middle grade historical fiction writer. Well, we may have found her in Laura Golden. Her debut novel Every Day After captured my heart in the first pages, and Lizzie Hawkins story will always have a place in heart.

Trying to put my finger on what I like so much about Every Day After is hard, but here goes. Often my fourth graders try to tell me that they don’t like historical fiction. I ask them why. They respond: it is boring, it’s slow, I don’t get it, and so on. I let them know that I don’t like boring, slow books that I don’t get, but I do love historical fiction. Every Day After is a historical fiction book that I can sell to a student that might not realize that historical fiction can be pretty awesome.

Crud. I totally did not answer my question about why I love the book in the last paragraph.

Let’s try that again. I LOVE Every Day After because of Lizzie Hawkins. I love that she is a character that I am thinking about 4 months after finish the book. I love that she is far from perfect, but I love her like she is perfect.

The other thing that I love about this book is the ending. A few books that were getting a lot of Newbery buzz at the start of the year had endings that didn’t sit right with me. The end of Every Day After was the perfect and only way to end this book.


I did it.

I somehow managed to write my review of Every Day After. The review is a little odd, but I hope that it is able give you a glimpse of how happy this book makes my heart.

I’m now off to once again Google Laura Golden: L-a-u-r-a G-o-l-d-E-n.

(A review copy was provided by the publisher. I bet they didn’t expect me to write such an odd review about one of their books.)


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