Crankee Doodle By Cece Bell and Tom Angleberger



I have sort of been having this dream about Crankee Doodle. It is not a sleeping and then wake up type of dream. It is more of a wide awake thinking sort of dream. I don’t think it is a nightmare, but it gets a little more nerve wracking and scary each time.

You see, I am really excited about my read aloud voice for Crankee. Last week I read Crankee Doodle aloud to my students and I totally knocked the Crankee Doodle voice out of the park. I might even say that it ended up being my students favorite read aloud of the entire year. THE ENTIRE YEAR! I read them a picture book almost every single day, so “Read Aloud of the Year” is a pretty bold statement, but folks, Crankee Doodle was written to be read aloud. If you are planning on making Crankee Doodle part of your book-a-day reading this summer, make sure that you find a kid or two and read it to them. The book is great when you read it to yourself, but reading it aloud to kids will make you appreciate it on a whole new level. Try it. Please?

Okay, back to my dream. The dream takes place at the ALA conference in the exhibit hall. Tom and Cece are signing copies of Crankee Doodle. The line is super long, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt can’t seem to find their boxes of Crankee Doodle. The librarians in line are getting antsy, and I decide that I need to try and save the day. (I can’t believe that I’m sharing this. It is sort of embarrassing) I grab the display copy, hop up on the signing table (I have a thing for jumping on tables) and I start reading Crankee Doodle aloud to ALA. 

Sometimes the read aloud goes great and all the librarians clap. Sometimes it goes terribly wrong, and Tom has to hop up on the table and save the day. Every time it ends with HMH finding the boxes of books and the signing continues. 

Why I am telling you all this? I have no idea. What I do know is that Tom and Cece are a dynamite team and that everyone should read Crankee Doodle aloud to kids at least one in their life.

Review copy was sent by the publisher (sorry for the weird review, HMH).


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