The Center of Everything by Linda Urban

Today I’ll be driving to Chicago with my dear friend Brian Wyzlic for the American Library Association Annual Conference. As we roll down I-94, we’ll be jamming to Call Me Maybe. Why you ask? Because, for me, Call Me Maybe is my unofficial song for Newbery Medal winning book The One and Only Ivan. Every time I hear that song I think about how much I love Ivan. I felt so strongly about the song and the book being the best of 2012 that I made this little video.

What does this have to do with Urban’s The Center of Everything? Ah, well you see, I have come across a 2013 song that make me think of The Center of Everything. Every time I hear the song I think about how much I adore  Ms. Urban’s writing in The Center of Everything. I’m not saying that The Center of Everything is going to win the Newbery Medal (I’m also not saying that it won’t), but I am saying that this book is amazing.

The Center of Everything is the fist 2013 novel that I reread, and like all Linda Urban novels they get better with each read. The second time through I was able to pay close attention to the beautiful setting Linda has painted, and the distinguished characters she has crafted.

I read somewhere that somebody said that kids won’t relate to The Center of Everything. I believe they also said that this is a book that teachers will like more than students. Pish posh! Kids are loving this book and they will continue to love it for years to come. They will be able to relate to Ruby wishing that she could relive a moment in her life where she was frustrated with how she acted, and they will surely be able to relate to complex friendships between Ruby, Nero, and Lucy.

Bottom line. Linda Urban is able to capture real world moments as well as any writer that I have ever seen. I’m hoping that you’ll give The Center of Everything a read (I suggest reading it at least twice.).

Yikes! I totally almost forgot what song makes me thing The Center of Everything. Every time I hear the song Can’t Hold Us by by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis I can’t help but dance, just like I dance to celebrate Ivan when I hear Call Me Maybe.

I’ve included the music video of the song in case you are interested in dancing along.

A big thanks to the publisher for the review copy. I’m hoping that when I stop by their booth at ALA that they will want to dance to Can’t Hold Us with me.

3 thoughts on “The Center of Everything by Linda Urban

  1. Man oh man…you ROCK! Loved, loved the video. I am sooooo looking forward to reading Linda Urban’s latest.

    Hope you get a vid of all you rockin it out at the publisher’s ALA both. Have a great time! And yep, I have Can’t Hold Us on repeat! Safe travels.


  2. Fabulous video, Colby! In keeping with your chosen song for Ivan (a great choice by the way) you may enjoy this remix: it’s a great digital writing piece mashing NASA’s Mars Rover video with Call Me Maybe. Have a great time at ALA!


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