Newbery Challenge: A Single Shard

So, this is probably my worst Newbery video. I wasn’t prepared, and I struggled to remember what happened in the book. Not to self: when you have a one-take rule, prepare for the video.

Be sure to check out what Mr. Johnny Schu had to say about A Single Shard: Watch.Connect.Read.



2 thoughts on “Newbery Challenge: A Single Shard

  1. Hello, Colby! I have to say I absolutely loved A SINGLE SHARD! I was prompted to read it because I had the opportunity to attend an intimate gathering (back in March) with Linda Sue Park. She gave a presentation, then we hung around and talked with her (and other writer friends) and got books signed. I also read A LONG WALK TO WATER. She’s a lovely, down-to-earth person and an extremely talented writer 🙂


  2. I kind of liked your video. It showed that you guys have a lot of fun book talking together. I love to hang with my book peeps in TX but don’t think we will be posting any videos any time soon. If you are like us, we constantly over talk each other in our excitement to share the books we love. Thanks for sharing!


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