Newbery Challenge: The Tale of Desepereaux

Hey! Be sure to check out Schu’s Newbery video: Watch.Connect.Read

Last night at about 1:01 I realized that I filmed the wrong Newbery video. I was suppose to film Crispin. Oops!


4 thoughts on “Newbery Challenge: The Tale of Desepereaux

  1. Oh, what a wonderful book! I LOVED it and fell in love with Kate’s writing when I first read her story included in THE CHRONICLES OF HARRIS BURDICK (a “must have”). I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with her at a conference. SO lovely and down-to-earth 🙂


  2. And I’m now back again ’cause I just finished watching your “under 7 minutes” video and got so choked up over your excitement and happiness for Mr. John Schu since he’s on the Newbery Committee! (I didn’t know this ’til now. How cool!) I hope YOU get to have that same honor someday, too 🙂


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