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Yesterday I posted a tweet on Twitter asking people for examples of great classroom websites/classroom blogs. I was flooded with a lot of great things, and I’m sure that I’ll be spending the coming weeks exploring the resources my tribe has given me.

The more I think about what I want in my classroom blog/ classroom website, the more I am trying to figure out why I even need them. Yesterday, I started with how I envision my website to look before I envisioned what the purpose of my website could be. When I think back to when classroom websites/blogs were first popping up, I thought of them as a way to connect parents with what is going on in the classroom. Blogs/websites can do this very well, but the more I learn from others the more I see the possibilities that a classroom site can have.

I have a lot of reflecting and thinking still to do, but I figured if I got some of my ideas down in a blog post, than some of my awesome friends could leave comments and help me to continue to grow in this area.

One thing that I really want to do a great job of this year is having a classroom blog. My students will have individual blogs (using either Kidblog or Weebly), but I also want us to have a main classroom blog. I would not like to be the sole author of the blog. I’m not sure what this looks like, or how often we will post, but I want it to truly be our blog, and not another blog for me to run.

One thing that I am really trying to figure out his how I can have the classroom blog and the classroom website living, breathing, and connected. I don’t want to have a classroom blog that you go to by clicking on a link from the classroom website. I need these things to be together. I’ve seen a lot of fancy versions of sites like these that cool tech people have for their own site, but I haven’t seen a lot of examples of these for classrooms.

Matt Gomez

Brad Wilson

I could probably (maybe) figure out how to create a site like the professional sites listed above, but then comes the question: what should I include in the site?

I think I’ll reflect on that question a bit.

I’d love it if you had any ideas about classroom websites/blogs, or if you had any examples that you could give. If so, please leave a comment:)


5 thoughts on “Classroom Website/Blog

  1. As a parent and educator, I would like to see photos of the classroom activities/projects with captions–all by the students.


  2. I’m struggling with this too. I want the classroom blog to be run by the students, but I still need to probably control the password – so I’m thinking they could create posts on Google Docs and send them to me. Not sure on that.

    I’m debating Kidblog as well. They could do a lot with that – but then I try and decided if I would only do it for my homeroom or all three classes, and I get overwhelmed.

    No answers for you, just more questions running through my mind. Will be interested to see what both of us end up with.


  3. I use Teacherweb for my class website (costs $39/year) It has a blog feature. I like it because all posts have to be approved by me before they post (I get an email notification when a post is made and I just sign in and click approve). Teacherweb is very user-friendly. Good luck designing your class website/blog!


  4. Check out Kathy Cassidy’s book about her journey with connecting her class called Connected from the Start as well as Alan November’s Who Owns the Learning for great ideas and examples of connecting kids through blogs!


  5. Colby – a group of us in central Ohio are working on this very thing. We want to open up the walls of the classroom to share learning and learn from others’ perspectives. We are setting up Weebly sites for our classes that have a blog page included. We are going to have kids own this section and post their learning. Would love to hear your thinking as it evolves as well.


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