Classroom/Library Twitter Account

This morning while I was working on my classroom website I decided to create a classroom Twitter account. I’ve had one in the past and nothing really came of it. As I think about how I’d like my third graders learning to be extended well beyond the walls of my classroom, I think that Twitter will be a great way for us to connect with other classrooms, share our learning with others, and get help with the questions that we struggle to answer on our own. Basically, we will be using our classroom Twitter account for the same reasons that I have my own Twitter account.

If you classroom or library has a Twitter account please share it in the comments, and I’ll add it to the list I’ve created on Twitter.



23 thoughts on “Classroom/Library Twitter Account

  1. Hi Colby – I set up a Twitter for my school library last year. I didn’t use it much either. I am really hoping to get it moving this year. I am a K-4 SLMS (teacher-librarian) in Brighton, MI. Good luck with yours. Mine is @Hilton_Library.
    Margaret Adams


  2. My first grade class account is @exploreorrs. We were going strong with it for a bit but dropped off. I’m hoping to build it into our routine better this year.


  3. Hi there! My grade 11/12 creative writing class has a Twitter Account @cre8tivehavoc. It’s used to connect the students with each other (on their professional twitter accounts) and share general class info and work (Twitter Fiction, Reading Responses, etc.)


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