Newbery Challenge: When You Reach Me

We are running out of Newbery Challenge videos. Yikes! Holy smokes! Can you believe it?!?!

Be sure to check out Mr. Schu’s latest and greatest Newbery video: Watch.Connect.Read.


6 thoughts on “Newbery Challenge: When You Reach Me

  1. I’m listening to When You Reach Me while I’m unpack by my office & LOVE it! I’ll be getting a couple copies of the book-one to give away to a new teacher in the mentor program & then another copy for me to read/add to my library.
    I didn’t see your other video so enjoyed watching this one. I appreciate how you intentionally make your classroom a student space & not about you (ie. no teacher desk). I know your walls are blank but like you said, the walls will be covered by student work. Plus, I saw some amazing posters that I assume you will be framing & hanging. It was fun for me to see your classroom & refreshing to hear your comment when you zoomed in on your name plate (“this scares me”). You will be amazing!


  2. That was lots of fun to watch 🙂 And I LOVE how you showcase Ame’s book BOY & BOT 🙂

    I read WHEN YOU REACH ME shortly after it was announced that it won the Newbery. I own it and hope to someday read it again. LOVED it 😀


  3. I am writing an article about twitter book clubs. Who gets the credit for @titletalk? You? And Donnalyn? I want to give credit. I love the Sharp Schu book club too. I have learned so much this way and I want to thank you for all you do. Getting to be a part of your session at IRA was wonderful. Have a great year with your lucky students! 😉 marjiepodge


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