5 Things I Loved About Last Week

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet since I’m writing it on my iPad, and I am way too comfortable, with my cup of coffee and feet up, to grab my computer.

1. First Guest Teacher

I try very hard to keep my students from calling substitute teachers sub. I insist that they call them “guest teachers” and we discuss the proper way to treat guests. Wednesday I was in a meeting all day, and my students treated our guest like you should treat guest. Yippee!

2. Relief Maps

I’m not really into arts & crafts. They stress me out and cause major anxiety. On Friday my students created relief maps if Michigan. We made this flower/salt/water mixture that they used to create our beautiful state. It was stressful at first, but they were totally into it. I think it was a great way to kick off our Study of Michigan.

3. Guest Reader

On Friday, our principal came in and read the class a picture book and shared a story of a time she was brave. Our class mission statement is year is: Be Brave. The kids loved every second of her visit. They were captivated by the book she read, Flower Man, and they hung on her every word during her Be Brave story.

4. Blogging

We learned a lot last week about blogging. We started the week paper blogging. In the middle of the week we learned about making quality comments, and my class ended the week blogging using Kid Blog. I really loved the community building that is taking place through our blogging.

5. Book Buzz

On Thursday I showed my students the book trailer for Battle Bunny. They were so excited until I told them the book doesn’t come out for a few weeks. I was lucky enough Thursday night to receive a copy of Battle Bunny in the mail. This was the first time that my students got to experience the excitement of getting a newly released book. It was magical.


9 thoughts on “5 Things I Loved About Last Week

  1. I’ll be out of the classroom for the first time Monday afternoon and like your idea about talking how to treat guest teachers (my district uses that term as well). I have a talkative group this year so am a little nervous – I have faith they will rise to the challenge! I need to find out more about paper blogging …
    Hope next week is another great week for you and your third graders!


  2. Colby I love your spirit!! Do you ever take your show on the road? Nerdy Book Club has filled my brain with so much hope and excitement for education but I don’t have a classroom and I don’t know how to light the Nerdy fire at the schools I am in.
    PS I am ok with arts and crafts, it is costumes that rocket my anxiety 🙂


  3. Colby, so often when I read your blogs about your class and what you’re doing, makes me wish I could participate on that level (though it would’ve never been realistic), but it makes me very proud of my daughter-in-law who just got her tenure. She teaches Special-Ed grades 3-5, all in the same classroom. Her mother’s also a principal. Such an admirable, invaluable thing you all do 😀


  4. I love this idea of “guest” teachers. What an awesome way to ensure students use their “company” manners while a substitute is in charge!


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