5 Things I Loved About Last Week 10/6/2013

I cannot believe that we have completed 5 weeks of school. It feels like yesterday that I accepted my new job and moved into my classroom.

1. The One and Only Ivan

I have been wanting to read my third graders The One and Only Ivan since I accepted my position as a third grade teacher. We made it 19 days and two chapter book read alouds before I felt that they were ready. Our first four days of reading Ivan have been amazing. I really love the group of girls that follow along in our classroom library copy as I read. They get so giddy when I start reading. Bliss.


2. Journey

The conversations had by students after reading a great wordless picture book tend to be amazing. Our chat after reading Aaron Becker’s Journey was powerful.

3. Hot Wheels Books

One of my developing readers was having some trouble last week finding books in our classroom that were bot interesting and not too hard. I checked out a gigantic stack of books from the public library to support him and a few other readers in my class, but I cannot seem to keep up with the demand that these students need. As I sat and talked with my young reader I learned that he LOVED a Hot Wheels book that I had checked out from the library more than any other book he had ever read. We immediately grabbed the iPads and did a quick Google search for “Hot Wheels books”. Somehow we ended up on Scholastic’s website and before I knew it we had downloaded the Storia app and two Hot Wheels books. My little reader was in heaven.


4. Crazy Assembly

On Friday we had an assembly with “The Animal Guy”. It was completely insane. He brought in all kinds of exotic animals.

I’m really looking forward to seeing if the students feel differently about the assembly as we get deeper into The One and Only Ivan.


5. Choose Kind Paint

I can’t share too much about this little project, yet, but it is going to be awesome.


5 thoughts on “5 Things I Loved About Last Week 10/6/2013

  1. What a wonderful post! Your class is so very very lucky to have you as their teacher! I’m a school librarian, but only part time this year so don’t see all my school’s students like I used to. I’m beginning to wonder whether to give up librarianship and go back into the classroom, to share books with my class every day as you do. I miss those special interactions with students, when you find just the right book for the right student or occasion. Best wishes!


  2. Thanks for sharing, Colby. I’m in grad school now, an aspiring K-5 school librarian, and these inspired notes from the field keep me going. -Amy


  3. Colby, I just LOVE hearing how wonderful things are going with your students! (Not that any of us had any doubt it would! lol)

    Hearing how hungry these kids are for reading (and YOU are, without question, a huge influence with them) elates me SO much!

    Now, the one thing I want to know: what IS that little animal the Animal Guy brought in?!


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