5 Things I Loved About Last Week 10/20/2013

Last week had a lot of ups and downs. The “ups” were way awesome and the “downs” were way stinky.

Here are the 5 things that I loved most about last week.

1. The Library

At my old school I hardly ever took my students to the school library. I was frustrated with many things about the library, and I noticed that my kids hardly ever read the books they checked out from the library. I probably should have taken them more. Sigh.

On Friday, my students and I had a great first trip to the library. I almost didn’t take them because I was a little worried that busting out of our normal routine might ruin an otherwise awesome day. I’m glad we went. It was awesome. I even checked out a couple of books myself. It was the first time in over 20 years that I checked a book out of the Parma Elementary Library:)

2. Clorox Wipes

Our classroom has been functioning the last couple of weeks without Clorox Wipes. Things were starting to get a little bit icky. On Wednesday, I sent out an email to parents, and I dropped a note on our class Facebook page, asking if anyone would be interested in donated a canister. By Friday I had enough Clorox Wipes to last a couple of months. Considering how much we use them 2 months worth is a ton! I’m feeling very thankful for the supportive families we have at Parma.

3. Be Brave-Guest Reader

Each Friday we welcome in a guest reader. They read a picture book and share a story about a time we were brave. I found the Be Brave story this week to be extremely inspiring. I’m hoping that these stories are impacting the mindset of my young learners.

4. The One and Only Ivan

If you haven’t read The One and Only Ivan please stop reading.

This past week we read the part in Ivan where Stella dies. I feel that it was an important moment for my readers. The look in their eyes showed me that they haven’t had a lot of reading experiences in their lives that garner that type of emotion. Baby steps.

5. Super Hero For a Day

I got a message from a parent of a student that I taught last year at Minges Brook Elementary. The mom let me know how much I was missed and how sad she was that I wouldn’t be able to teach her son in a couple of years. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t think I see a Minges student walking the halls at Parma Elementary. I miss those students and their families terribly.

The mom also let me know that her daughter dressed up as me for Super Hero Day last week.  I cannot put into works how amazing that made me feel. I, of course, do not think of myself as a super hero in any way-shape-or form, but knowing that one of my students thought enough to dress up as me makes my heart smile.


6 thoughts on “5 Things I Loved About Last Week 10/20/2013

  1. 1. The Library

    Try not to do the woulda-coulda-shoulda dance. It’s obvious, Super Sharp, that you benefited your students in big ways 😀

    2. Clorox Wipes

    I never looked into disinfectant wipes, but do they make them without chemicals like bleach?

    3. Be Brave-Guest Reader

    I just love this idea 🙂

    4. The One and Only Ivan

    That’s such a moving, sad part of the book, but they will learn so much as you go on. It’s such an amazing book!

    5. Super Hero For a Day

    This is probably one of the greatest compliments anyone could get—teacher or not—and I think anyone would agree it not only makes sense, but is WELL-deserved! Always think of this on the days you question your effectiveness 😀


  2. I love how you wrote about all the great things that happened. It’s so easy to get down-and-out but we must focus on being positive.

    PS-I get it about the wipes. Whoa.


  3. What didn’t you like about your former school’s library? I am an elementary librarian and am trying different ways to encourage teachers to bring their students to the library (not just drop students off for a book exchange). Any ideas from your own experience?


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