Slice of Life: A Three Mile Run


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Last year I set a goal to run 1006 miles. I reached my goal on the last day of 2013. Running 1006 miles was hard, stressful, and exhausting. Nearly all of my runs were at least 5 miles. During each of my 200+ runs I tried to squeeze in an extra couple of tenths in, knowing that those tenths would add up in the end.

Yesterday, I ran for the first time in 2014. I ran three miles. It was magical. The three mile run has always been my favorite distance. I can get it done in around 25 minutes, and I can push myself to run fast (relatively speaking).

I have put off setting running and reading goals for 2014. Beginning with the end in mind really pushes me. I ran an extra 350 miles and 400 books because of my 2013 goals, but I also found myself running when I didn’t want to and reading books that didn’t interest me.

I will set a running and reading goal for 2014. The goals will push me to read more and stay fit, but this year when setting my goal, I’m going to be sure that it leaves room for three mile runs.

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11 thoughts on “Slice of Life: A Three Mile Run

  1. Ahh to be able to run again….not good in potholes, tend to break bones. I do love my elliptical watching Katie, however! Good for you Colby. xo


  2. I noticed you said you ran when you didn’t want to run and read things you didn’t want to read. I think that’s a powerful message to share with kids since often we do things we don’t want to do since they’re part of the bigger picture.


  3. Colby, your goals are inspiring and congrats on accomplishing them. While, in life we do things we don’t always enjoy or want to do – we need to balance it with the things we do love to do and you found that with a 3 mile run. I think your two key words in this piece are leave room, I’m going to try and remember them.


  4. I love the thinking here and recognition of the need for balance. I think sometimes we have to leave the years/time frames without the “space for 3 mile runs” in order to see everything else in sharp focus and be able to prioritize in a way that makes sense.


  5. Love runners and their obsessive tendencies – playing around with tenths and seconds. Nice to see you are finding a balance to keep it sane and happy. I am trying to keep running knowing there are only so many miles a body can run without some injury. What I love most about running is how it just lets me work things out. So many ideas come from runs. Three miles is a perfect number. Just enough time to get your body and mind going.


  6. Colby, I sincerely admire the many positive things you fit into your life, from taking care of your health, your family and your students. But, as we all must at some point, you’ve come to realize there are only so many hours in a day in which to do these things. There’s a difference between achievement and over-achievement. And there’s also truth in the fact that whenever there’s a lack of balance, something always suffers at the expense of something else.

    As others have stated, it really does come down to priorities and what’s truly important. When you overdo something you enjoy at a certain level, it becomes a burden, which in turn can translate into a WASTE of time rather than good use of it. So glad that, within the one year, you saw clearly the difference 😀


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