#Nerdlution Round 2


I am so proud of everyone for rocking round 1 of Nerdlution (If you want to learn more about what Nerdlution is check out Chris’s post.). At times I felt like a bit of a failure. I wasn’t able to write all 50 days, but I did write more during the 50 days of Nerdlution then I have ever written in a 50 day stretch. Not bad.

For round two I’ve decided that instead of setting a goal to do something every single day, I’m going to try and set two goals that each need to be done at least four days a week.

Goal 1: Write in my notebook at least four times a week: I really enjoy writing in my notebook and I think it helps my writing tremendously. I’m shooting for at least four days a week. This really needs to turn into a habit.

Goal 2: Read from a professional book at least four times a week: I love reading books about teaching, but during this time of the school year I often struggle to dig into them. I’m thinking setting it as a goal will help me stay on top of my professional reading.

How about you? If you’re participating in round 2 please leave a comment (or link a blog post), and let us know what you’re going to work on the next 50 days.

You got this.

36 thoughts on “#Nerdlution Round 2

  1. Great goals! Love your post! I just fished Word Nerds, you might want to read it too! It is like a Christmas stocking filled to the brim with one treasure ( teaching tip) after another! Powerful!


  2. Thanks for kicking Round 2 off, I needed the push. I wrote about my revised nerdlution at my post: http://christopherlehman.wordpress.com/2014/01/26/nerdlution-round-2-more-lution-less-not-doing-it/

    I’m still sticking with mostly one nerdlution again for this round, but modifying:

    *100 push-ups per day, 3 days per week
    *Another high intensity something, 3 days per week. Time doesn’t matter (key for me not feeling like a failure on “off” days, anything is better than nothing and some days I’ll be inspired to do more than others) – a few planks or a short run or long gym time
    *A day off

    Mentally, I want to:

    *Know I will, without a doubt, “fail” at some point. There, no surprises now.
    *Be forgiving to myself when I do.
    *Restart slow if I have to.
    *Ask for support – because the best part of nerdlution is the amazing and positive community.


  3. I didn’t do round one, but now that the plate is less full (figuratively and literally), I’ll join round 2. My commitment will connect to my one little word, “Open.” I want to open up to new experiences. I will try something new once a week. I will write every day, but without word limits (they scare me.) And I’ll exercise at least 30 minutes every day. Something about writing it all down makes my heart beat faster. OK, I’m in. Press Comment!


  4. finished #nerdlution read/review picture book a day, new #nerdlution read/review beginner chapter book at least one a week.


  5. Oh the sense of renewal this 50 day cycle gives – and the opportunity for reflection and revision that shorter-term goals give us! I’m in again – this time I’m focusing on balance – namely taming my to-do list AND making some time for my family and for me.


  6. I’d like to get in on this, too. More time spent writing, reading, and exercising. How can I go wrong? I’m going for twos: two days of writing, two for reading professional material, two for cardio.


  7. Thank you, Colby, for deciding to go forward with Round Two! Round One afforded me some insightful discoveries and for #nerdlution2 I’m choosing the two items from #nerdlution1 that I tended to put last on the priority list, EVEN THOUGH they represent what matters most to me. I would implement them daily without Round Two, but I’m glad to have #nerdlution as a compass.

    Also, thanks to Michelle for offering up her blog to track progress! I’m going to put my head down, nerd style, and get ‘er done. Which means I won’t be posting on my own site. I’ll enjoy visiting Michelle’s blog and Twitter too. Go Nerdlutionists!


  8. Okay! I am officially in! I am committing to writing 4 days a week and reading a picture book a day from my library.


  9. I know its a bit late but I will start nonetheless… Read: At least 120 minutes a week… Write: Start a blog and post weekly… Move: Work out at least 4 times a week.


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