5 Things I Loved About My Week

For the first time in what seems like forever, we had an entire week of school. Five full days of fun. I’m going to share five awesome things from my week.

1. The Giver Video

I cannot believe that I am in this video. Wow.

2. Ivan Trailer

I love The One and Only Ivan. My students love The One and Only Ivan. If you are reading this blog, you probably love The One and Only Ivan.

This week I got a chance to show my students the book trailer to Applegate’s forthcoming Ivan nonfiction picture book.

3. ALA Calls Video

Mr. Schu’s face at 1:31 of this video made spending a year not talking new books with my friend worth it.

4. My Readers

Spending an entire week with them was heavenly.

Don’t they look perfect?

photo (19)

5. House of Comics

My 5 and 7 year old kids have been pumping out the comics this past week. I’ve loved seeing them explore themselves as writers.



10 thoughts on “5 Things I Loved About My Week

  1. I’m jealous – I am so looking forward to having a full week of school again. It’s so hard being out of sync. Love that your kids are making comics! My favorite story to share with kids is that David Shannon wrote the original No David when he was five. Our journeys start when we are young, no doubt!


  2. An inservice day on Friday kept me from a full 5 days, maybe next week. Love the kids on and under the table reading. The One and Only Ivan is touring my classroom. I’ll share your videos this week. Thanks!


  3. As always you provide so much for others in your posts. We are in the midst of Ivan –thank you for the Applegate video. The Giver video is so insightful. And no surprise you are featured! All of my children read The Giver in middle school, but as a summer read. They were tested on the contents when they got to school as incoming 6th graders. My daughter was extremely disturbed by it and while we talked about it, it would have been vastly different if it had been handled by a teacher holding on to them and guiding them along the way with their classmates beside them. I love how your middle school experience was vastly different.


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