Slice of Life – Sunday School


Two straight days of Slice of Life! I’m on fire.slice

Nope, not that kind of Sunday school. My wife had a wild and crazy week, so the kids and I decided to spend some time Sunday at school. The kids and I can get a little loud, so leaving home while my wife slept seemed like the best option.

I had plans to get a lot done at school. I got a few papers graded, cleaned up a bit, and made sure that my ducks were in a row for conferences, but the best part of the trip to school was watching the kids play. Breslin spent some time taking batting practice, playing Minecraft, and working on his pop-up map.


Dharia took a few swings the baseball bat, rode her bike around the school, and searched my drawers for juice boxes.


AJ rode her bike. A lot. Pretty much the whole time. She also visited a kindergarten classroom, where the teacher was kind enough to let her play with the toys.


You gotta love Sunday school.


8 thoughts on “Slice of Life – Sunday School

  1. Hooray 2 for 2! Colby what a lovely Sunday morning. I can totally picture each of your three kids, having their own experience of Sunday morning at school. What fun that must be, getting the run of the place with Dad. I’m going to start encouraging my husband to take our son to work on the weekends, when our son is a little older, that is. I like the sound of your wife’s quiet time!
    You might also think about posting this on the individual challenge page, so everyone there gets to read it, too. Here’s the link.
    Thanks and happy Slicing!


  2. Your title selection really had me anticipating a piece about church. However, I enjoyed reading how you are able to get work done, have your own kids with you playing and give your wife some extra needed time. Life is a juggling act.


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