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Welcome to “reading month”, universe. I always have mixed feelings about celebrating a reading month, but when done right, it can be a pretty cool thing. We want to celebrate reading all year long, but I don’t see giving it a little extra attention in March a bad thing. We Nerdy Book Club members do the same thing in January with our ALA Youth Media Awards obsession (at least I do).

The view from my reading spot.

The view from my reading spot.

From 8:45-9:05 this morning every student in my school read. Our principal made an announcement at the start of the day that EVERY person at Parma Elementary would be reading for the next 20 minutes. Being the good boy that I am, I sat down my reading conference binder and picked up a copy of George Brown Class Clown. I read with my students. This is something that I don’t do enough of. When my students read, I confer with them. It felt good reading with them today. A couple of students sat next to me for a few minutes, but they quickly went back to their normal posts.

Reading with my students was a magical 20 minutes.

I managed to finish George Brown Class Clown during D.E.A.R. I booktalked the book a few minutes later and quickly passed it on to an eager reader.

Today's class blogger took a picture of me giving my booktalk.

Today’s class blogger took a picture of me giving my booktalk.

I have the best job in the world.



14 thoughts on “Slice Of Life – D.E.A.R.

  1. Reading together is magical. I love these moments and don’t have enough of them. Great that your principal supports individualized reading time.


  2. I sat on the bench in the hallway by the gym this morning from 8:45 – 9:05 and read from 13 Story Treehouse. I guess time got away from me because at 9:10 I had students in the hall asking if they could read my book next. Yes, our jobs are amazing!!!!


  3. My children’s elementary school did D.E.A.R. time each day [my boys are adults now] – I remember dropping by the school one day during this time period and being so moved by all the children and adults reading. Truly, inspirational. Children everywhere – in various nooks and crannies. Love your perspective – “Reading with my students was a magical 20 minutes.”


  4. I am always torn about whether to read with my students or to confer with them. Monday through Thursday I spend reading time conferring. Then on Fridays when students do a timed reading to set their homework goal for the week, I read along with them. As soon as we’re done, I share what I’ve read that day and generate a lot of interest for the book I’m reading.


  5. It was fun to see the glimpse from your reading spot, as well as the process of book talking afterward. That sense of being a community of readers is so important. Enjoy the week with your students!


  6. What lovely photos. I loved reading with students during independent reading. It really made that time feel sacred, that “even Ms. Thomas” was still and deep in a book. I wish DEAR & even IR were more respected in high school. I feel like IR & reading with students are the best things I’ve ever done for my kids.


  7. I’ll arm wrestle you for the best job in the world. : ) My high school readers rock! I love that you, and all of us Nerdies, love what we do. Reading is the best thing we do for kids…no matter the age.


  8. We recently had a read in at my school. Everyone in the gym at the same time, reading. It was so quiet and you could almost see all the thinking and joy in a happy cloud above all of us. I was able to enjoy some Mary Oliver poetry while my students happily flipped the pages of The Littles and Frog and Toad. It was nice to read beside them.


  9. I love that the schools in my District celebrate Read Across America on different days and times. I get to read aloud in classes all over the week this week. So cool when we are given great reasons to celebrate reading. Enjoy your time with your students.


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