Slice of Life: Princess Labelmaker


Another day-another slice.slice

I really want to read Tom Angleberger’s Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue. After two long nights of parent-teacher conferences I came home and found a package sitting on my table that more than likely contains Mr. Angelberger’s new book. Not opening it last night was torture.

I’d really like to drop everything I’m reading and read this book cover to cover.

I’m not going to read Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue this weekend. I’m going to wait. Liam is going to read it first.

Liam is a third grader in my classroom that is obsessed with the Origami Yoda series.


He’s read them all at least three times. I encourage him to try and read other books. He humors me by reading something else for a few days, but as soon as he finishes it he goes back to whatever Origami Yoda book he feels is due for a reread.

Today when my little SuperFolder walks into our classroom he will find the package sitting on his desk. I imagine he’ll open it and then other students will gather round. The commotion will get our classroom a little flustered. I’ll probably smile, talk with the group a little bit about who we think will yield Princess Labelmaker in the book, and then move on to my next reading conference.

Princess Labelmaker is waiting for Liam.

Princess Labelmaker is waiting for Liam.


8 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Princess Labelmaker

  1. Nice, nice and nice! I am at a new library and the kids there did not know this series (and quite a few others, but I digress) and it is so, so fun to get book talking with them and show them the books I am buying…


  2. As a fellow teacher reader, I love this! I know that Liam is going to love the book almost as much as you will love the excitement on his face. There is nothing better than sharing a little book love!


  3. What fun for this student to be the first one to read the new book! I have heard lots about this series from students and reviews but have not picked it up myself. Our students were so into this I did not need to build up an interest so I moved on to read other books. I may need to go back and do some reading to know what all the excitement is about.


  4. What a wonderful gift! Not only do you recognize each student as an individual, you also honor that. I can only imagine Liam’s face. Were the other students jealous? Or do they also support his obsession?


  5. It seems to me that you have real insight into your students and I bet they all feel special in your eyes. When I used to have a classroom, I used to pull 5 or 6 new books a month and chat them up to the whole class but for a specific student. It was the most fun reading community I was ever a part of. We called it “New Book Premieres”. Thanks for stirring up that memory with your sweet slice.


  6. It is so easy to envision a pair of eyes totally lighting up with delight! There are two wonderful gifts here. The book the student will love reading – and the gift of love and respect he received personally from his caring teacher. Bravo Mr. Sharp!


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