NERD CAMP Logo Reveal and Nerd Camp Junior Details


I am super excited to reveal the logo to this year’s Nerd Camp. Michigan author-illustrator Laurie Keller has created a brilliant logo that will make Nerdy Nation proud. I wish I could post all of Laurie’s versions of the logo, but I couldn’t keep track of all of them. She put a ton of effort into the logo and I think it shows.

Thank you, Laurie!

Before you check out the information for Nerd Camp Junior be sure to check out Laurie’s Nerdy Book Club post and her interview with Mr. Scu.

Nerd Camp Junior

The Nerd Camp team is currently working out the exact details for Nerd Camp Junior, but I figured that I would share the details that we do have figured out.

The evening of July 8th, after Nerd Camp, children will be invited to come to Parma Western High School for Nerd Camp Junior. Students will spend approximately 2.5 hours learning writing tips, tricks, and techniques from some of the brightest minds in children’s literature.

The actual event will be free. Students will be asked to pay $5 to cover the cost of dinner, but the actual event will be free. Each student that comes will receive a swag bag that includes: at least one book from one of the guest authors, a pencil, and a notebook.

We are working out details and trying to secure funding to be able to run buses from the county schools to and from Nerd Camp Junior. We want every child that wants to attend Nerd Camp to be be able to join us for the evening’s festivities.

These amazing and talented authors have agreed to share their time and skills with Nerd Camp Junior writers.

Laurie Keller

Kelly DiPucchio

Louise Borden

Liesel Shurtliff

Aaron Zenz

Nancy Cavanaugh


Amy Young