Slice of Life: After the Visit

Be sure to check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers.

Be sure to check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers.

The amazing Linda Urban visited my school on Monday. She spent the day meeting with kids kindergarten though fifth grade. After a long school day, she came back for family reading night.

Linda’s day was capped off with a reading of her picture book, Mouse Was Mad. She read it to a library filled with students and their parents. It was amazing.

Photo credit: Sue Haney

Photo credit: Sue Haney

My favorite part of the entire day wasn’t watching my students perform a reader’s theatre for Linda of Mouse Was Mad. It wasn’t listening to her read A Crooked Kind of Perfect. It wasn’t when she stopped by my classroom to borrow a book, or when she brought it back and taught an impromptu lesson to my third graders.

photo 2

My favorite moment was when Linda Urban read a Mickey Mouse book to my 3 year old daughter AJ. Linda had put in nearly 12 hours when AJ somehow got Linda to read her a book. Linda treated my daughter like she was the most important person in the world. AJ didn’t care that Linda is an award winning author. To AJ, Linda was just a reader with a book.

It was magical.

photo 3


13 thoughts on “Slice of Life: After the Visit

  1. wow! the absolute opposite of phoning it in…i’m now even more motivated to get her into our school. thank you for sharing this inspirational moment.


  2. I LOVE hearing about Linda’s generosity of spirit. This is obviously a woman not just passionate about writing, but a deep passion for literature and sharing that with children. The moments captured with AJ and Linda are so genuine, there’s no way not to be touched by it. And, btw, the expression on AJ’s face (especially her hand gesture) while talking to a VERY captivated Linda BEGS to want to be a fly on the wall, getting to hear that conversation πŸ™‚


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