Slice of Life: Spring Concert Hangman

Be sure to check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers.

Be sure to check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers.

Last night my students performed their spring musical at our high school auditorium. Before the program I hung out with them in the band classroom. The kids were super excited and a little rowdy. I decided that a game literary Hangman would be a fun way to keep them from destroying the room and hopefully calming their nerves.

It took a couple of puzzles to get them going, but once we started groovin’ they were amazing hangman superstars.

One puzzle looked like this: _ _ _ _ _ _

Six letters-one word. A girl raised her hand, tilted her head and said, “Mr. Sharp, that’s easy: Squish.” She was right. Amazing!

Another puzzle looked like this:   A    _ _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _  _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _

With only one letter on the board a student guessed A Crooked Kind of Perfect. Right again!

I’m not sure the game really calmed them down much, but it was a fun way for us to continue to celebrate great books.

Their concert was amazing. I loved watching them sing and dance with giant smiles on their faces. After the concert they all came at me with gigantic hugs. We are getting to that point of the school year where we are all getting extremely comfortable around each other. We’re moving from the feeling of being friends to feeling like a family that has been together forever.

Hooray for a great night of Hangman and music!



4 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Spring Concert Hangman

  1. Don’t you love this time of year when everything clicks and your kids come together as one? I think reading and books help. Also writing together. My students who are slicing seem to be building relationships too.


  2. Reading your account of how your students were guessing at hangman with 0 or 1 letter displayed, I am for some reason reminded of the scene at the beginning of “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead” where a flipped coin keeps coming up ‘heads’, as if it were a magical occurance. 🙂


  3. There’s something so joyful about kids singing together that way. I know I always get choked up 🙂 And how cool for classmates and their teacher to feel like “family.” I know it was never like that when I was growing up decades ago! How lucky these kids (and you) are to have that 😀


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