Slice of LIfe: The Riverman

Be sure to check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers.

Be sure to check out more slices at Two Writing Teachers.

I love when I can remember where I read a book. I’ll never forget where I sat in my house when I finished RJ Palacio’s Wonder, and I’ll always remember sitting in fourth grade when my teacher read the class Hatchet. 

I will always associate Aaron Starmer’s The Riverman with my trip to the 2014 Rose Bowl. Aaron’s book is a book that you want to talk about with someone that has read it. You want to know what they thought, and you want to bounce ideas of of them as you read.

I started The Riverman on the plane

I started The Riverman on the plane

Not having someone to talk to about The Riverman turned out to be a blessing. There is something wonderful about reading a book that you: have heard nothing about, that you know nothing about, and that you have nobody to talk to about it. It is a different type of reading. A type of reading that I don’t get to do to much of anymore.

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 10.28.03 PM

Reading The Riverman on Hermosa Beach

If you haven’t read The Riverman, I highly recommend you check it out. I wouldn’t be surprised if you always remember where you were when you read it. I’m sorry for not telling you more about what happened in the book. I’d hate to be the reason you miss out on the experience that I had when reading The Riverman.

Go green!

Go green!

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7 thoughts on “Slice of LIfe: The Riverman

  1. Colby – I am looking at The Riverman on the coffee table at our beach condo right now. Like you, I will be reading it at the beach. Like you, I will know no very little (except what Donalyn shared at MRA) about this book. I am so looking forward to it!


  2. You got me thinking about where I have read my favorite books…a lot of couches and beds come to mind for this military brat! Thanks for the book recommendation without the details; another for the TBR pile.


  3. Hmmm. I’ve never heard of his book but I am intrigued – it sounds Hatchet-y, and I am always on the prowl for books like these. BTW – I’m on a personal mission to keep retro books in circulation, so I’d definitely be up for some retro book posts, too.


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