Panther Podcast!

Today, Ben Gilpin and I are launching a district podcast. The goal of our podcast is to share the story of our amazing school district: Parma Western (Parma, Michigan). Ben is a principal at one of the elementary buildings in the district. I teach in a different elementary.

Ben and I are excited for the opportunity to get to learn with some of the amazing educators in our district.

In our fist episode we interview middle school assistant principal Ryan Tripp.

You can check it out below or visit our podcast page:

I won’t be posting many episodes here at sharpread, but I thought that the this was a great place to celebrate episode one. I’m working on getting the podcast embedded on the side and/or bottom of my page.

Happy listening!


2 thoughts on “Panther Podcast!

  1. Colby, this sounds like it’s going to be a GREAT thing to do! Not just for your district, but for educators, in general. I SO admire your passion and that of your colleagues. Good luck with this and enjoy! (I can’t listen to the cast now, but plan to later on 🙂 )


  2. I just now listened to your first podcast and was genuinely moved by the discussion. It’s so uplifting to hear these positive attitudes within the educational system, and I commend you and Ben for thinking to do this. Good luck with it! I hope it becomes the kind of success it deserves to be 🙂


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