Third Graders at the State Board Meeting


Last week 3 of my students had the privilege of sharing some of the things that we do in our class at the state board meeting. It was one of the coolest days of my professional life. I was so proud of how my students carried themselves, and how well they shared their story.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the importance of providing our students with opportunities to share their story. Watching my students step out of their comfort zone and rock a state board meeting shows me that anything is possible with you give students opportunities to be great.

Below you will find some pictures from the day and the transcript of their talk.


RYLEE: My name is Rlyee and this is my friend Kassie.

KASSIE: Our school, Parma Elementary is a Leader in Me School.

RYLEE: That means that we study the 7 habits of highly effective people.


KASSIE: Each week in Mr. Sharp’s class we study the habits by having a lead time 2 or 3 times.

RYLEE: During lead time Mr. Sharp shows us a video or reads us a book, and then we talk about what habits we saw in the video and how we can use them in our own lives.


At the end of the year we celebrated leadership day. During leadership day we invited people from all over the state to see how we are leaders. During leadership day I led a lead time video. With over 50 adults in the room I was pretty nervous, but I was proud to share our story with them.


KASSIE: Another way that we share our story is through student news teams. Each week we create a news show based on what is going on at school. During each news show one group of kids focuses on one of the habits that we have studied. We share our news with family, friends, and the staff at our school.


Liam: My name is Liam and I think Skype is really fun. You get to meet people all over the country and the world. My favorite part of Skype is learning about the cool things other schools and authors do. Skype is also great way to share the cool things we are doing in class.

TOGETHER: Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our story.


17 thoughts on “Third Graders at the State Board Meeting

  1. Wow! They were so articulate. This is a day they will never forget! I’ve never heard of this program. Looking forward to more slices from you this summer!


  2. Love the shirts…Shine! And shine they did. You have some great kids. So proud of where you are taking them on their journey. You just rock!


  3. Colby, I don’t always know if it’s my mood or simply being moved because you seem to have a “Barabara Walters” effect on me. In reading this I once again choked up. Why? Because you, my friend, in many ways, are making positive impact on lives. From your family, to your students and colleagues, to the great, wide world out here—you’re making a BIG difference 😀 Thank you for that!


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