10 Minute Review: Hooray For Hat


When I see the cover of certain books, memories pop into my head. When I see Katherine Applegate’s The One and Only Ivan my first thought is: that is the first book my former fourth grade student Hunter ever fell in love with. When see Linda Urban’s Hound Dog True, I think of how it helped start the Nerdy Book Club.

I could write a whole post about memories that certain books hold in my heart, but this post is about one very special 2014 book: Hooray For Hat. For the last month or so I had been hearing all kinds of great things about Hooray For Hat. Unfortunately, I struggled getting my hands on the book.

Last week I finally got a copy of Brian Won’s Hooray For Hat, and boy was I impressed. The book begs to be read aloud. It contains beautiful art, and the book sends a wonderful message to readers about friendship. It is an A+ book.


When I see the cover for Hooray For Hat I won’t think of my favorite character: the turtle. I won’t think of how much I love the back cover. When I see the cover for Hooray For Hat, I will for the rest of my life think: that is one of the first books that my darling daughter ever read to me.


My daughter is five, she just finished kindergarten, and she has caught the reading bug. Reading didn’t come as easy to her as it did her older brother, but she absolutely LOVES it. The pride in her voice when she reads is heart warming.

When I brought Hooray For Hat to the porch, my 3 kids were instantly hooked. I read it a few times, and then my daughter asked if she could give it a try. Listening to her read Hooray For Hat was beautiful, and every time I see that cover I will always think of how the role Hooray For Hat had in her reading journey.

Thank you for Hooray For Hat, Mr. Won.



3 thoughts on “10 Minute Review: Hooray For Hat

  1. Your post made me smile, Colby. I remember when my children were learning to read (they are all grown up now) and the magic it held for me. And now, I’m off to find Hooray for Hat. 🙂


  2. Colby, this is SO sweet! What a precious memory! (I’m assuming “Bwon1” is your handle on Instagram? I don’t have it so don’t know!) I loved this book when I first read it and see why your kids love it so much, too! I wonder if your daughter will remember it in the same way—as her first “read” 🙂


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