Slice of Life: Ready, Set, Hut!


I grew up hearing stories about Western Football from my dad. From the time I was a little boy I couldn’t wait to put on the gold helmet and run out on Dr. George M. Baker Memorial Stadium on a Friday night. I was never a very good football player, but I loved being a part of the team. I love that the bonds I have with the guys that I went to war with is still strong to this day. If I ever needed anything, I could call up one of my teammates, even one that I haven’t talked to in years, and they would be there for me. I know this because I would be there for them. Football is an awesome game, but the bonds that the game creates are what make it special.

A few weeks ago I accepted a position as an 8th grade assistant football coach. In preperation for the upcoming season, I decided to spend yesterday at football camp with the varsity and junior varsity teams. My entire drive to camp was nerve-wracking. Being a part of a program that has given me so much is an honor, and I don’t want to screw it up. I really want to be an awesome football coach. I think for so many of my Nerdy Book Club friends we want to be awesome at everything that we do. Right now I’m not an awesome football coach, and the worry of that being exposed yesterday was terrifying. I didn’t have to go to camp, but I knew that in order to become the coach that I’d like to become I had to take this step.

Western helmet-sized

Football camp was awesome. I stayed pretty quiet, and I tried to soak up as much knowledge as a I could. The two varsity coaches when I was in high school are on the staff and they did an amazing job of making me feel at home. It was so odd to hear them call me coach.

Based on the headache I left with, I’d say that I learned a great deal at camp. I have so much to learn, but I feel so good knowing that he coaches on the Western staff are there to help me.

Having the opportunity to serve my school district as a football coach is something that I feel blessed to be able to do. I cannot wait for our first practice in a couple of weeks.

I feel like a new teacher all over again.



7 thoughts on “Slice of Life: Ready, Set, Hut!

  1. I was never a great athlete, but I loved that feeling of being part of a team. I think you really captured how a lot of kids coming onto your team might feel, too. Kids don’t always realize how nervous we adults feel when we take on new things and I think it is healthy for us adults to be reminded of it too. Good luck and have fun!


  2. Congrats on a new endeavor. I’ve been watching some cross country coaches as they interact with kids, and I’m amazed at how coaches can impact kids for life. It’s awesome stuff. Have a great season!


  3. Congratulations! You will be an awesome football coach. You have all the tools you need to get started down the football coaching road. Enthusiasm, energy, and a willingness to learn. The rest will come later, so enjoy being a rookie and get better every day.

    Purpose. Pride. Passion. Persistence.


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