5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Interview: Annette Simon

My kids at home are huge fans of Annette Simon’s work. Breslin just might be the world’s biggest fan of Ms. Simon’s ROBOT ZOMBIE FRANKENSTEN! ROBOT BURP HEAD SMARTYPANTS! came in the mail a couple of months ago, and once again my kids were in love.

I’m super excited to have Annette on sharpread today to answer a few of my questions.

5,4,3,2,1 Interview

Here are the rules:

1. I give the interviewee 5 questions2. They have to answer

  • 1 question with 5 sentences
  • 1 question with 4 sentences
  • 1 question with 3 sentences
  • 1 question with 2 sentences
  • 1 question with 1 sentence

3.  They get to pick which question which question to answer with each number of sentences

4. Have fun!



1. Can you tell us a little bit about ROBOT BURP HEAD SMARTYPANTS!?
Of – brrp – course! (Oops, please excuse me!) It’s easy enough for the friends from ROBOT ZOMBIE FRANKENSTEIN! to burp to ten, then by tens, while juggling, blindfolded, on a skateboard. But add in the alphabet? Gulp! (5)


2. What is your favorite thing about being a writer?  Connecting with readers, especially early or reluctant ones. Knowing that your books have prompted giggles, tears, play, even trick-or-treat costumes. (2)


3. What’s the hardest thing about being a writer?

Um, when I don’t…. Can’t…. You know…. Find the words? (4)

4. If you could spend one day inside the world of any book which book would you pick?

For love and warmth and humanity and beauty (plus moats to dig and shells to keep), I’d choose ALL THE WORLD by Liz Garton Scanlon and Marla Frazee. For laugh-out-loud fun (while being read!), I’d pick WE ARE IN A BOOK by Mo Willems. “Banana.” (3)


5. What advice do you have for the young writers in my classroom?  

Same thing you said to this older one: Have fun! (1)

Thanks for stopping by, Annette!!!


2 thoughts on “5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Interview: Annette Simon

  1. I ALways enjoy these quick but insightful 5-sentence interviews! This book sounds so original and funny. Can’t wait to see it! And, oh, how I love the work of Marla Frazee!

    Thanks, Colby and Annette!


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