Little Elliot Blog Tour: 5 Reasons Why I’m Reading This Book Week 1


I’m super excited to be celebrating Little Elliot Big City today with Nerdy Book Club and Mr. Johnny Schu.

Be sure to check out Schu’s interview with Little Elliot author Mike Curato.

Mike Curato is today’s guest blogger on Nerdy Book Club.

nerdy monster

Now it’s my turn. I’m going to give you five reasons why I’m going to read Little Elliot Big City to my third graders during the first week of school.


1. They will never forget it

Little Elliot Big City is a beautiful picture book that will stick with children forever. I picture my third graders reading it to their children 20 years from now and saying, “My third grade teacher, Mr. Sharp read me this book back in the day.”

2. The dedication

Mike has dedicated this book to: anyone who feels unnoticed. Successful classroom are close. They are filled with students that care about each other, and they notice each other. They notice everyone. This book will lead to many great conversations about how we treat each other.

3. Exploring Greatness

The theme at my school, Parma Elementary, this year is “Exploring Greatness”. My hope is that my students see that greatness comes in all shapes and sizes. Elliot is a character that I think we will talk about throughout the year when we discuss greatness.


4. To read it again we have to read it a first time

Some picture books work themselves in to many of my lessons. Little Elliot Big City will be one of those books. You can teach so many different things with this book: setting, character, plot, etc. Whenever possible I like for my students to be able to sit back and just enjoy a picture book the first reading. This is a book that we will read closely as the year progresses.

5. Picture books are awesome

Last year I noticed at the start of the year that third graders came to class thinking they were a little too cool for picture books. This quickly changed and they loved picture books as much as any class that I have ever taught. I want to make sure that this new batch of readers has the opportunity to fall for picture books like last year’s class.


3 thoughts on “Little Elliot Blog Tour: 5 Reasons Why I’m Reading This Book Week 1

  1. Colby, thanks for this post and especially for #5. Picture books ARE awesome and I’m glad to know that awesome classroom teachers like YOU are out there helping to encourage our older readers to return to picture books. Couldn’t agree more.


  2. One of the saddest days of my life was when my children wouldn’t permit me to read to them anymore. So I just read some of the best picture books to my coworkers. Collection Librarian here. This one will be in our new budget. 🙂


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