Guest Post: Ben Hatke-Ghosts


I’m honored to be a stop on Bet Hatke’s blog tour for his upcoming book Julia’s House for Lost Creatures. I hope you enjoy Ben’s post and bonus illustration.


Ghosts: No one is really sure what ghosts are, exactly, whether they are spirits of people long departed or some kind of uniquely semi-translucent creature of their own. But one thing is certain: they love cake and board games and old houses that smell of furniture polish.

Ghosts are generally quiet and tidy and because of this they can make excellent housemates. However they do tend to appear and disappear quite suddenly at all hours, and they are known to appear in mirrors, floating silently behind you when you thought you were alone. It is also true that a few ghosts practice the old arts of chain rattling and midnight wailing on the moor. For these reasons ghosts are not ideal housemates for individuals of a delicate constitution.

A Note from Ben: Ghosts are one of the first creatures that I drew. I know this because a few years ago I visited the house where I grew up (it is very much like Julia’s House) and the family that lives there now was stripping off the wall paper in one of the rooms. And what did they find? They found ghosts that I had drawn on the wall when I was very, very small. They looked like Pac-Man ghosts. My ghosts still look like Pac-Man ghosts.

Photo credit: Ben Hatke

Photo credit: Ben Hatke


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