Trifecta – Life of Zarf:The Trouble With Weasels




I’m super excited to be celebrating Life of Zarf today with Mr. Schu and Nerdy Book Club.

Be sure to visit Mr. Schu’s blog to watch some cool Life of Zarf videos.

Author Rob Harrell is on Nerdy today!

nerdy monsterNow it’s time for my review.

I’ve heard my dad say that he thinks  he wonders if he was born in the wrong time period. He’s missed about two days of work in the last 50 years. Hard work and work with his hands are two things that bring him tremendous joy. I can totally picture him building himself a cabin and farming the land 150 years ago. My wife has said on numerous occasions that she would have loved growing up in the 60s. Her free spirit mentality makes me think that she is absolutely right.

I didn’t read a whole lot of books when I was in middle school. The only two books I remember reading were The Cay and The Giver. I’m sure that a couple of other books where sprinkled in during those years, but for the life of me, I cannot remember them. Sometimes I think that the reader in my grew up during the wrong time period. There are so many book being published today that I know middle school Colby would have loved. I would have eaten up graphic novels, The Strange Case of Origami Yoda, and ALL of Mike Lupica’s books.

Rob Harrell’s Life of Zarf: The Trouble With Weasels is a book that would have been all about as a kid. Zarf is troll that lives under a bridge. He finds himself at the bottom of the social ladder. He’s got a couple of buddies. One is a pig and the other is the son of the king’s jester. Throw in some ogres and a prince and you’ve got yourself one of the most interested middle school settings I have ever visited in a book.

Don’t let the cast of characters and the rad illustrations fool you; this book has some depth. The Zarf you meet at the beginning of the book is much different than the Zarf you know at the end of the book. I can’t wait to see what happens in book 2!

Middle school Colby would have loved to grow up with all the great books kids have to read these days, but teacher Colby is sure happy that he has all these great books to share with the readers of today. I think that I just may be growing up at the perfect time.



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