Trifecta: Neighborhood Sharks


There is nothing like a great shark book.  Kids can’t get enough of them. Neighborhood Sharks is an absolute most own book for any elementary classroom or school library. I think it raises the stakes for all shark books to come.

When I signed up to do this review as part of a trifecta with Mr. Schu and Nerdy Book Club, I thought that I would just write a few words about the cool stuff I learned in the book and call it a day. Then I read Neighborhood Sharks. It quickly shot to the top of my list of my favorite 2014 nonfiction titles. Katherine Roy’s magically paced book filled breathtaking illustrations just might change the way that I look at nonfiction.


The first 10ish pages take you on a journey of how the Great White Sharks make their way to California’s Farallon Islands islands to hunt. I love how in these first 10 pages Katherine Roy balances beautifully illustrations with just the right amount of text. Once we experience the shark completing the hunt, Ms. Roy is able to transition beautifully into heavier text as she breaks down how the mad hunting skills of the Great White Shark.

I could go on and on about all of the different things about this book that I love, but I want you to be able to experience the beauty and magic found in Neighborhood Sharks.


Be sure to check out Mr. Schu’s blog to see what he has cooked up for his leg of the trifecta.

Katherine it today’s Nerdy Book Club guest blogger.

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