Not a Newbery Video

This is not a Newbery video, but I do talk about the future of the Newbery Honor Challenge in it.



2 thoughts on “Not a Newbery Video

  1. Hey, Colby 🙂 I think it’s great that you guys took the pressure off yourselves with your challenge. Smart move! But, you’ll probably like to know I’ll be posting on my blog about John Newbery some time soon, and just posted about Randolph Caldecott! 😀

    And as far as SAM & DAVE DIG A HOLE—-I love EVERYthing that has to do with this book!!!! EVERYthing! SUCH classic Klassen and Barnett, and that trailer—can’t say enough about it all. Love it all!!!


  2. Great idea to take the pressure off yourselves! I have been wondering how you were doing it all! And thank you for the shout outs to two upcoming great reads. I have jotted them down. They are both authors my daughter loves so she will be looking forward to their release!


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