5 Things I Loved About The Last 7 Days 11/7/14

Discover. Play. Build.

I have had a wonderful week. My hope is that you have had the same.

1. Field Trip

Field trip!!! #wsdpanthers #miched

A photo posted by Colby Sharp (@colbysharp) on Nov 11, 2014 at 7:23am PST

My third graders spend the year learning about Michigan History. One of the best things about studying our state is that we have tons of great opportunities for field trips. On Thursday, we took the kids to Jiffy Mix. The kids learned about an amazing family owned business. My favorite part was touring the factory and getting to see an assembly line in action.   https://vine.co/v/Oe1HqAvau0u/embed/simple2. Super Timee!

Breslin and Dharia worked super hard on this little project. A photo posted by Colby Sharp (@colbysharp) on Nov 11, 2014 at 9:02am PST

My own kids have been spending their time before school creating books about their Captain Underpants inspired character Super Timee. I love watching them work together to create something that they are so proud of.

https://vine.co/v/OOYtgFtxMz1/embed/simple3. The Honest Truth

It’s always a good week when I read a book that I think will have a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids. I think The Honest Truth is one of those books. I look forward to writing more about this book, but for now please add it to your to-read list and look for it in a bookshop in January.


4. My Principal’s Library

My principal has an amazing classroom library, and she’s always adding books to her shelves. If a kid asks her for a book that she doesn’t have, chances are she’ll purchase that book within the next week and deliver to that child in their classroom. We are creating a great culture of readers in our building, and it starts with our wonderful leader.


https://vine.co/v/OOUp9t9bzgx/embed/simple5. Mock Caldecott My students are reading, discussing, and blogging about 20 of the best picture books published in 2014. This is one of my favorite units of the year. I’m so proud of how hard they are working to evaluate these books. They are taking their role as mock committee members very seriously.


12 thoughts on “5 Things I Loved About The Last 7 Days 11/7/14

  1. Can I go back to third grade? The kids look like they are going after the Mock Caldecott challenge with intense delight. Thanks for connecting kids with picture books and fostering their excitement and appreciation for this incredibly rich genre.



  2. I am unable to access your links. They all say, “Internet Explorer can not display the web page.”
    I tried Google Chrome too, and get the mssg, “The connection was reset.”
    Any tips? THANKS!


  3. Terrific that you get to go on trips within the community, Colby. I love seeing that, & all your other wonderful celebrations. Your students, and your own kids look so happy in their work!


  4. I love the library that your principal has. AMAZING!!! I also love to see the students working on the Mock Caldecott Committee. I’d love to do something like that with my 6th graders. Maybe Mock Newbury. Thank you for the inspiration!


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