December #SharpSchu and #celebratelu

Happy Saturday! I’m going to combine my “Celebrate Saturday” and #SharpSchu post into one today.

Discover. Play. Build.
Here are 5 things I LOVED about the last 7 days.
1. December #SharpSchu
I am so excited that Mr. Schu and I decided to celebrate two of my favorite 2014 books during the last #SharpSchu book club of the year.

2. Thanksgiving Play

On Thursday my wife and I met with our second grade son’s teacher for his conference. We are really proud of our little guy, and very thankful that he has a teacher that gets him. We learned during the conference that on Tuesday his class will be performing a Thanksgiving play that he wrote. Apparently the play has been a great community building experience for the class. They are even designing a set!

I can’t wait for Breslin’s second class to perform his play on Tuesday.

A photo posted by Colby Sharp (@colbysharp) on Nov 11, 2014 at 4:44pm PST

3. A Great Staff Meeting

Yesterday we inched closer to finishing the craziest run of the school year. Between Labor Day and Thanksgiving we get zero days off of school. We could have spent Friday’s staff meeting talking about a million different things. Instead, we headed to the gym and did some bowling. It was the perfect team building activity. It was exactly what our staff needed.

We have the best staff meetings. #wsdpanthers #parmastrong A photo posted by Colby Sharp (@colbysharp) on Nov 11, 2014 at 5:21am PST Drawing With This Guy

You have to check out James Burks YouTube channel that includes his new series “Drawing With This Guy”. In the first two videos he teaches viewers how to draw the characters from his Bird & Squirrel graphic novel series. In the future he’ll feature guest illustrators that will teach viewers how to draw their kid lit characters. My kids are so excited!

  My kids love @jamesburksart’s new YouTube drawing videos.   A photo posted by Colby Sharp (@colbysharp) on Nov 11, 2014 at 4:15am PST

5. Simple Machines

My students and I are having a blast studying simple machines. They love getting their hands dirty and digging in.


7 thoughts on “December #SharpSchu and #celebratelu

  1. Love the idea of bowling with the staff! looks like you all had a blast!
    Also, it’s incredibly awesome that your little guy wrote the thanksgiving play! Amazing! Much to celebrate this week.


  2. Excited about the choices for the December #SharpSchu! I haven’t read Comics Squad yet. This gives me even more of a reason to get on that! LOVE that Breslin wrote a play, and I love even more that his teacher is giving him and the class a chance to perform it! And a bowling staff meeting?! How fun is that?!


  3. I don’t know if I have ever seen someone so excited about a staff meeting. That’s awesome. Congrats to your son on the play. I am excited to see the drawing videos. Thanks for the greatness that is the #SharpSchu book club. So much to celebrate!


  4. Lovin’ all this stuff,Colby. Yay for Breslin and Yay for your kids learning how to draw squirrel with James Burks 😀 As always, totally looking forward to the book club! I have COMICS SQUAD but still haven’t read it, so I will, but I already know I won’t be able to fit in THE FOURTEENTH GOLDFISH. I highly doubt it. Still, I’m looking forward to the club! 😀


  5. Colby, I was disappointed that I did not see you at NCTE 14 but heard that you had a more important event to attend to. How wonderful!

    I did get to go to the Nerdy Book Club session and hangout at which I met many online friends F2F & even got to chat with Katherine S about an upcoming Nerdy Book Club post that I will write.

    I enjoyed reading about your creative children and class.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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