Five Picture Books I’m Nominating for a Nerdie

Sunday the Nerdy Book Club ballot opened for the 2015 Nerdies. Here are the 5 fiction picture books that I’m nominating.

I think of the Nerdy Book Club awards as books that all classrooms and school libraries need. This list is different from my picks for Caldecott. Some books of course overlap.

Nana In the City

By: Lauren Castillo



I am Lauren Castillo’s biggest fan. If I ever got a chance to watch her work, I’d probably faint like an over-crazed Justin Beiber fan. Nana in the City is an example of everything that is great about picture books.

Louise Loves Art

By: Kelly Light


I want to be Louise’s teacher. She’s amazing, wonderful, and talented. Sometimes I forget that she’s a fictional character.

Sam & Dave Dig A Hole

By: Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen



You haven’t read this book until you’ve read it aloud to children. It blows their mind.

Hooray for Hat!

By: Brian Won



I’ll always remember this book as one of the first books my daughter ever read to me. It will always have a very special place in my heart.

The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend

By: Dan Santat



Beekle is the 2014 character I would most like to meet. Kids love this book. They read it over and over and over again. Dan Santat is a picture book wizard. I cannot imagine this book not winning a Nerdie.

Little Elliot, Big City

By: Mike Curato

littleelliotElliot has that feel of a classic and timeless picture book character. I can’t wait to see what other adventures he takes us on.

My other nominations:

Middle Grade



4 thoughts on “Five Picture Books I’m Nominating for a Nerdie

  1. Love seeing what people picked. I’ve read and loved a couple of these (maybe on your recommendation, in fact). One I read and don’t remember, so it didn’t hit me as strongly! And a couple I’ve added to my tbr list. Jon Klassen walking through his books, and this one at length, at the CLA Breakfast at NCTE was a highlight of the conference for me:>)


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