Trifecta: How to Grow A Friend


I think that Sara Gillingham’s How To Grow a Friend is going to become a read aloud favorite in elementary classrooms around the world. Sara’s beautiful illustrations and important and accessible messages about friendship make this book a 5 star read aloud.

After reading the book to my students they had the following to say about friendship.

I think that a way to make friends is to go up to someone and introduce yourself to them, a way not to do it is to go up to them and start poking them.


When your friend get’s hurt walk over and ask him if he’s okay.


Friendship doesn’t happen overnight.


What I do is I meet a person that looks lonely. Then I ask what she/he name is. Next I ask she/he  to play.


If you want a friend you have to be kind to them, help them when they ask and play fair.


There are many ways to grow a friend. One way is to talk to them and see what they like. You can also play with them. You can play what you like or play what they like.


Be sure to head over to Mr. Schu’s blog to see what his students thought of How To Grow a Friend.

Sara is today’s guest blogger on Nerdy Book Club.


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